Presenting the inspiration behind our Fall/Winter ‘21 collection’s rich colors, motifs, opulence and regal sensuality.

 "We looked to the poetic beauty and grandeur of 70's period dramas as the starting point of this collection. It was an era where poetry, fantasy, and nostalgia beautifully rolled into one. Mughal and Awadhi costumes and interiors inspired me, the era's fascination with ornamentation and the style icons who brought together sophistication and magnificent extravagance. "



"Having grown up amidst the pastel hues of southern Kerala, I am always drawn to the rich joyous hues of the northern frontier. For this collection, I have carefully curated a palette of vibrant and deep colours that will deliver a new emotion to uplift one's festive mood. "



'Colors of Love' Sari is inspired by the shades of Lucknow's Chota Imambara, the Palace of Lights - the symbol of Lucknow's Nawabi heritage. 



Flowering poppy.

Mughal, late 17th century.



The opulent ensemble ‘Royal Purple’ transmits the grace of a bygone era. 



Unseen,’ inspired by a certain shade of the evening sky.



The ‘Red Moon Nightingale’ lehenga was revisualised amongst imaginative surroundings, inspired by the movie, Pakeezah.



The ‘Red Moon Nightingale’ lehenga is hand-embroidered with art nouveau-inspired birds intertwined with wildflowers, leaves, and delicate butterflies.



Artistically expressed poignance.



The sheer 'Starry Night' sari interprets the idea of glittering stars and the dark sky.



Fatehpur Sikri.

Pure romance in a gossamer ‘Ombre Sky’ ensemble sprinkled with crescent motifs, reminiscent of an Awadhi royal emblem.



Aesthetically sublime. ‘Dancing leaves’ sari is a modern mix of intense black, Nile green, and antique bronze, inspired by the Mughal miniature painting. 



Unusual, bold color combination merge charmingly with delicate floral motifs in ‘Mystical Blooms’ Sari.



The Red Tulip

Quintessentially Indian. 

Channelling the luxurious look from decades past.